Hi! I’m Joanna, a Certified Professional Coach (CPCC, ACC).

Before I became a coach, my life happened according to plan. I immigrated with my parents to Canada when I was a teenager. Like most immigrant children, I worked hard so that my parents’ sacrifices were not in vain. I did nothing but study in high school. I went to university and got my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance, which I chose because it was the hardest to get into and it was what I “should do”. I graduated with honours and successfully made it into a new grad leadership development program at a large national company, one of the 5 chosen out more than 200 applicants. I did what I was expected to do. I thought my life was set.

A few years went by. A nagging feeling that something was amiss slowly creeped into my being, carving a dark hole. To everyone on the outside, I had a great career, a beautiful place to live, and I was married to my soulmate who I had been with for 8 years. On the inside, however, I felt empty. I saw my life unfolding, exactly as it should, as if I was driving down a straight, monotonous road. I felt like I could almost just put on cruise control. I had many voices in my head, asking me these questions every day:

     “How come I’m not feeling fulfilled?

     What is missing? What can I do to fill this dark hole?

     I know there is a fire in me waiting to be lit. What is this fire?

     What is my purpose?”

I knew I had to do something to quiet these voices. I went on a search for my fire.

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Upon recommendation, I decided to try a coaching course from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), not knowing that this would be the experience that would transform my life. Everything suddenly fell in place. A match was struck, lighting up the fire I’ve been looking for all along. I realized that my life purpose is to fearlessly inspire people to lead fulfilling lives. As a coach, I am able to honour my life purpose to the maximum.

I’m here to enable you to live the most amazing life that you can imagine.

Let me help you light your fire today!